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 We are specialized in exploiting domestic transportation on North-central-south route with various means of transport: eight-ton trucks to 25-ton trucks, container 40, 

40’HC container.

Enthusiastic and experienced drivers try their best to achieve the best results in work. We always arrange staff to work overtime, on holidays as requested by customers.
Customers always get safety, consideration during the transportation and quick loading, uploading and timely distribution as requested by customers.
You will be informed of transport schedule 01 day in advance and receive sufficient vehicles for your demand.
We ensure stable and competitive price
The transport time is fixed by route (main routes)


Transport route
Transport route
HCM – Can Tho (vice versa)
4h – 6h
HCM – Đaklak       (vice versa)
7h – 9h
HCM – Nha Trang (vice versa)
HCM – Đa Nang     (vice versa)
20h – 24h
HCM – Ha Noi        (vice versa)
40h – 48h


Thank you for trusting you in the near future
We are looking for your cooperation and providing you with best service


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