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With right business strategy, suitable working method, and effective implementation, Indochinatrans has achieved much success.

Nowadays, Indochinatrans is trying to develop with the target of becoming strong trademark in both domestic and international market. We believe that Indochinatrans shall be the best companion of all enterprises for common development and integration to the global trend.

We are specialized in declaring customs procedures, exchange and transport of export commodities without any limit of service type. We provide the service of receiving commodity from the habours, exploitation sites and enhancing importing service, providing door to door service (receiving goods from senders and distributing to receiver)

LCL is to receive commodities directly from Vietnam to other countries in the world by airway, seaway, road in the shortest time. With out experienced staff in commodity exchange, custom declaration, we can make customers satisfactory.

Our import export service brings customers with satisfaction with the shortest time, reasonable price and professional staff.



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